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May 1, 2013
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When you woke up the next morning you sighed and gazed at the wall of your room for a couple minutes, trying to remember everything that happened the night before. You were driving home from work and then it started storming out and then…
You turned over in your bed only to see someone sitting on the edge of your bed, watching you. You scream and reach for the nearest pillow, preparing to throw it at whoever it was. But then you saw who it was and you lowered your pillow.

Loki laughed lightly and raised an eyebrow at you. “You know, I can’t see pillows being a very good defense weapon…” he said.

You sigh and throw the pillow at him anyways but he already stood up so the pillow missed him completely.

You yawn widely and stretch languidly in the bed but then you look over at the clock on your bedside table. It was 7 am…you were supposed to be at work.

“SHIT!” you curse loudly, flinging the covers off of you and getting out of bed.

“Is that how you humans curse here?” Loki asks in amusement but you ignore him and open your dresser drawers, looking for something suitable to wear.

“I need something to wear!” You say, your voice was full of frustration.

“Might I suggest this?” Loki asks. He opens your closet door and pulls out a pin stripped skirt and a white blouse with a black belt to go around the waist. You eye the outfit and then snort, turning away from him while shaking your head.

“No way am I wearing that. It’d look hideous on me. That’s actually a friend of mine’s…so technically it’s not mine. So I really have no right to wea-”

You were cut off by being pushed towards Loki. You turn around to glare at the Loki clone that pushed you and turn back to the real Loki. He urges the clothes to you, his green eyes intent and serious.

“Wear this,” he orders in his low, sexy voice.

Your lips part as you forget to breathe. You stare into those beautiful emerald green eyes but then Loki turns away after you take the clothes. He leans against the doorway of the room with his back turned to face you.

“Go ahead and change. I promise I won’t look,” he says.

You hesitate but trust him on his word. Although deep down a part of you wouldn’t mind him looking at you as you undress slowly…sensually…

You mentally slap yourself, getting your mind out of the gutter again. You sigh and slip on the skirt and blouse. When finished, you look at yourself in the mirror and Loki walks up to stand behind you. He nods approvingly.

“Yes, much better. This flatters your figure perfectly. Especially this part…” He places a hand lightly on your waist to point out the black belt. Your breath catches in your throat and a shiver runs up your spine. You look at his hand through the mirror as it traces along the edge of the belt. “This is how you should dress.”

You swallow but all too soon he removes his hand and walks towards the door again. “So about my clothes…are they done being washed yet?” he asks, a small smirk on his lips.

As you work on calming your heart you walk past him out of the bedroom and make your way towards the laundry room. You open the dryer that had his clothing all clean and fresh. Loki stands in the room watching you closely as you gently touch the garments, your eyes revealing how you really felt. You didn’t want him to leave. As strange, rude and annoying as this man was…you didn’t want to lose him.

After a period of silence he speaks. “Are they clean?” he asks.

You nod and sigh, taking them out of the dryer and handing them to him. He walks off towards a bathroom and changes. When he walks out, he is dressed in his emerald green robes and golden armor. You grimace as your eyes roam over his appearance.

“Yes?” he asks, noticing your disapproving look.

“You look like you’re dressed to go to a comic con…” you mutter.

“A what?” he asks, cocking his head to the side.

You shake your head and fold your arms against your chest. “Nevermind. Well…you’re free to go I guess,” you say, betraying your true feelings.

He looks at you for a long minute, measuring your expressions. After a minute he nods but walks to the door of your apartment. He stops however, his hand on the handle. You raise an eyebrow while looking at him.

“Actually, I really don’t have a place to stay…” he says.

Your eyebrows rise higher as you look at him. He slowly turns and faces you. “It’s settled then. I’ll live here until I find a way back to Asgard.”

“And you just decide this? Last night you were so intent on leaving.”

He walks into the kitchen and turns on a light switch. He beckons you over and when you stand in front of him he points out a small stain on one of the emerald green folds of his clothing. “Your machine of washing missed a spot,” he said.

You stare at the stain for a long minute and then burst out laughing. You turn away and raise your hands up in surrender.

“Alright, stay as long as you like. I have no say in the matter anyways,” you tell him through your laughter.

Loki follows you into the living room, slowly. “Did you not wish for me to stay? If my presence is a burden to you then tell me so at once and I shall leave.”

You snort. “Loki, I’m a young woman who is living on her own with nothing to socialize with other than the chocolate ice cream in the freezer and her favorite cheesy romance movies. I need someone to talk to or else I’ll go insane.”

Loki laughs lightly at this and leans up against the nearest wall. “By the way…did you not say you had work today?”


You take out your cellphone and quickly dial your work’s number. “Hey Cindy,” you say once your boss picks up the phone. “I apologize for not calling earlier. Listen, I’ve been dealing with some…surprising events and I’m afraid I’ll be in late today.”

Your boss tells you it’s fine and you hang up the phone. Loki gives you a questioning look and you sigh.

“Well I suppose you can stay here while I go to work…” you mutter. But as you say this you get a vision in your mind of Loki cloning himself and scaring the shit out of your apartment neighbors. He seemed like the type of person to do that…so you changed your mind’s course of direction. “Or better yet you can come to work with me.”

Loki blinks and a smile slowly enlightens his lips. “You do not trust me to stay here by myself?” he asks. “I won’t steal anything I promise. You have nothing in this place that would interest me.”

“No no it’s not that, it’s just…” Once again you think of Loki giving old Ms. Delphine next door a heart attack by cloning himself and claiming to be the rightful god of Asgard.

“I think it’s best if you come with me.”

Loki raised his eyebrows. “You don’t trust me?”

You run a hand over your face in frustration. “Fine. I give up. Stay here while I’m gone. But I swear to god if I come home and find fifty police cars outside in the parking lot I will kill you.”

He laughs with amusement. “Kill me? Ah that would be interesting to see…”

You shoot him a glare before standing up from the couch and walking over to the kitchen counter where your car keys were. You grabbed them and turned to give Loki a final warning glare. He rolled his eyes and a clone appeared, pushing you out of the apartment and shutting the door behind you. You glare at the door for a minute before turning on your heels and walking towards the elevator.

The day at work was long and grueling. You had to keep reminding yourself that unlike your other co-workers, you had a sexy man claiming to be a god waiting for you at your house. So with that thought on your mind, you managed to get through the day with a bit more ease than usual.

When the day comes to an end, you literally run to your car and hop inside. You speed your way down the many roads on the route back home. The whole time as you’re driving your mind develops horrible images of Loki facing a police squad while the apartment building burns behind him. Or an image of every piece of furniture in your apartment is gone and so is Loki…or Loki being gone…

You shake your head and turn up the volume of your music to drown out your thoughts. When you reach the building of your apartment you hurriedly make your way back up to your floor. You sprint towards the door to your apartment and you fling open the door. All of the lights are off and the apartment is completely dark. You drop your purse to the floor and shut the door behind you slowly walking into the dark apartment. Your hand fumbles along the wall in the small entryway, feeling for the light switch. When you flick it on, you sigh with relief to see that you still had furniture. Nothing was different about the place since you left it…but-

“Loki?” you call out his name in confusion, walking further into the apartment. There is no sign of him. Your heart falls as you realize he’s gone. Tears well up in your eyes and you collapse onto the couch and try not to let the tears fall down your cheeks. Why were you crying over a man whom you just met the night before? You hardly even knew him but he was the first exciting thing to happen in your life since…well you couldn’t remember anything in your life being even remotely this exciting. Yeah, the guy might be a little insane with all of this talk of “Asgard” and “Ice Giants” but he was handsome enough to make up for it. You never even got the chance to make a move on him…to flirt with him even a little…
You slide down until you’re lying on the couch, curled up into a ball for comfort. You grab the blanket Loki used the night before and wrapped it around yourself. You press your nose into the soft fabric and smell the faint scent of him on the fabric. You close your eyes and just bring forth an image of his face to your mind as you inhale his godly scent.
Before long the tears spill over and run down your cheeks in silence. You breathing becomes ragged as you get emotional over Loki disappearing. You were so confused as to why you were so upset about the loss of this handsome man. You knew him for what, a day? You just didn’t understand…

Suddenly the sounds of someone opening the door to your apartment could be heard. You freeze and listen as the footsteps clatter across the wooden floorboards. You swallow as you berate yourself for not locking the door behind you. You slowly sit up and look over just as the intruder walks into the living room.

“Loki?” you whisper his name in surprise when you saw him.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw you and then sighed, setting a plastic bag on the counter in the kitchen. You noticed he’s no longer dressed in his armor. Instead he’s wearing the dark green button down shirt and black trousers you had picked out for him. You can’t help but notice how good he looks in normal clothes.

“I guess my timing is very bad in Midgard…” he mutters.

You stand up from the couch slowly and take a few cautious steps towards him. He looks at you and presses his thin lips together.

“I know you told me to stay here but I had to work on finding a way back to Asgard and also I thought I’d repay you for letting me stay here by picking up food from…this Chinese take-out place…the people could hardly speak English which bothered me greatly but I guess this is another method of how you humans acquire foo-”

He is cut off from his words when you rush forward and throw your arms around him. He stumbles backwards a few steps from the impact and just stands there, frozen to the spot as you hug him.

“I thought you left for good,” you admit into the leather of his armor.

After a few more seconds of him remaining motionless he places his hands on your shoulders and gently pries you away from him.

“If I were to leave for good I’d give you a warning’s notice,” he says matter-of-factly.

You sniff and wipe away a tear. “I don’t know what’s come over me…I suppose I just like having you around for someone to talk to. I get so damn lonely…” you tell him.

Loki turns to the bag of Chinese take-out and pulls out a little white box of brown rice and hands it to you. “I think you are hungry right now,” he says with a small smile.

You take it and he takes out a to-go box of sweet and sour chicken and walks over to one of the two stools at the counter in the kitchen. He sits down and begins eating. You simply stand where you are, watching this godly man eating Chinese take-out in your kitchen.
He looks over at you and beckons you over to join. You sit down on the stool next to him and begin eating your brown rice. Loki picks up the pair of chopsticks that came with his meal and eyes them with both interest and confusion.

“What are these?” he asks quietly.

You giggle slightly and reach over to break them apart. He watches as you correctly hold them in your hands. “You hold them like this and then use the sticks to pick up the food and eat it,” you explain. “Here you try.”

You hand him the chopsticks and he takes them, attempting to mimic holding them like you did. But he fails miserably and grits his teeth in frustration.

“Impossible,” he says. “Why go to these lengths when one can simply use a fork?”

You shrug. “Because some people like to make their Chinese take-out experience to be a bit more authentic.”

Loki looks at the chopsticks hopelessly and so you reach over and place your hands on his. You begin moving his slender fingers, positioning them so he holds the chopsticks correctly. As your fingers glide over his, you can’t help but feel currents of electricity running through you. It was exciting to be able to touch his smooth skin.

“There, now you’re holding the chopsticks properly,” you say softly.

Loki looks up from his hand and into your eyes. You both hold the others gaze for a moment before he sighs and tries to pick up a piece of chicken with the chopsticks. You sit back down in your seat and eat, watching him and finding yourself greatly entertained. He eventually gets fed up with the chopsticks and takes one, stabbing a piece of chicken with it and eating it with a vicious bite.

“Frustrated?” you ask with amusement.

He glares at his food. “Very,” he answers and continues to stab his food with the chopsticks and eat that way.

When you finish eating Loki snaps his fingers and a clone appears. You watch in amazement as the clone takes your containers and throws them away. When done, the clone disappears and Loki gives you a smug smirk.

“You sir, are very lazy,” you tell him.

His smile widens. “Lazy? Do you have any idea how much magic it takes to create a clone of yourself? It took me many years to master it.”

You roll your eyes and stand up to go to your bedroom. You close the door but not all the way and begin changing out of your clothes and into something more comfortable. Once you slip a shirt on you turn around to see the door to your bedroom wide open and Loki leaning against the door frame with arms folded over his chest.

You stumble backwards in surprise. “Were you watching me change the whole time!?” you ask him while your cheeks burn bright red.

He chuckles and shakes his head. “No, I just wanted to ask you something.”

You take a deep breath and lift your chin up. “Alright, shoot.”

“Earlier when you ambushed me with that sudden hug…you said you thought I’d left for good…”

Your blush returns and you lower your eyes to the floor but you can still see him advancing towards you. God even his walk was sexy…why was everything about this man sexy?

“Is loneliness the only thing you suffer from or is there something else?” he asks in that rich, velvety voice of his.

You swallow against a tight throat and slowly look up to meet his green eyes. He’s standing very close to you now. A moment of silence passes between you before you answer.

“I…I…” you stutter for words.


You blink and then turn away. “I have to go to bed.”

You begin walking towards your bed but Loki grabs your arm and you stop to look back at him. His eyes are very serious, all humor gone.

“You avoid my question. That was very unwise of you. Now, tell me.

Something about his intent gaze made you give in, melting away like butter for him. And so you spill everything out to him.

“I’ve only known you for a short amount of time. You speak absurdities about being from a place called Asgard and being a god. You can clone yourself which makes me believe your madness is rubbing off onto me. But through all of this insanity that I think I’m in, I can’t help but-”

Loki leans in closer to you, his face inches from yours. “But what?” he urges.

You gaze up into his brilliant green eyes and your voice falters slightly as you whisper, “But have feelings for you.”

He blinks as he looks at you and then lifts a hand up to caress the side of your face. His eyes lower to your parted lips, the both of you are breathless as you await the closing distance between you. Finally he brushes his lips against yours lightly. Your hands are placed on his chest and you kiss him back with need. He pauses when you bite down on his lower lip and now he’s the one to pull away.

“I should leave you to let you go to bed,” he said.

He starts to walk away now but you grab his arm and he stops.

“You can’t leave.”

He turns to face you, a devious smirk playing on his lips. “And why ever should I not?”

“Because you have unfinished business with me.”

Ooo,” he says, his eyes narrowed as he approaches you. He gently places a finger on your chin and lifts your face up. “Well I must fulfill my responsibilities then.”

Desire (LokixReader) Part Twoby JusticePrevails-L

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2015 JusticePrevails-L
Part Three: justiceprevails-l.deviantart.c…

Part One: justiceprevails-l.deviantart.c…

I do not own Loki nor the story of Thor.
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